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Located in beautiful Ely, Minnesota, Tranquility Wellness Center LLC is a sanctuary where personal wellness is enhanced through education and services that support, celebrate, and nurture mind, body and soul. Education increases one’s confidence by supplying tools for simple, effective change into a healthy, vibrant life. Our passion lies in empowering a lifestyle centered around holistic health, leading to creating and maintaining Tranquility, a body in balance, a mind at ease, and a satisfied soul.

We’ve created a welcoming atmosphere where you’ll feel peace and tranquility as soon as you arrive. Our gardens, decor, and soft music combine to help you feel safe and supported.

Here’s what’s coming up!

Oils for Healthy Skin


December 8, January 12, February 9

This class offers two opportunities:

Part 1 is $10 and is from 2:00 pm – 3:00
This hour will be a lot of fun and educational. Let’s get to know our skin on a deeper level and find out which oil(s) works for you. Age, genetics, exposure and diet are all factors that effect our skin and it’s ability to absorb and utilize different oils. Your ideal oil will offer lasting protection while not leaving you greasy all day. Our skin is our largest organ, our first line of defense, and important for maintaining our health. Come learn how to keep it working for you and your skin will thank you!


Part 2 is $25 and is from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm:
Stay and learn how to infuse your personal oil with herbs that nourish the skin. You’ll leave with 4 ounces of a personalized combination of oils, herbs and essential oils that you’ll love using everyday!

Non-Duality Discussion Group

9:00 to 10:00 AM – every other Saturday morning
      November 10 th & 24 th
      December 15 th & 29 th
      January 12 th & 26 th

Coordinated by: Rebecca Kali and Kim McCluskey

Freewill donations appreciated.

This will be an informal group that meets to share an appreciation, thoughts and discussion of Non-
Duality. It is for those familiar with any of the non-dual traditions as well as curious newcomers. Everyone is welcome and we invite you to come and join us for some friendly discussion!!

Use this LINK to learn more about Non-Duality and the facilitators.